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Roblox Times Tables Beginner

In this fun and interactive Maths class, we will learn the tricks to quickly solving and memorising the basic Times Tables, by using tutor-created Roblox Multiplication games to practice what they've been taught and help them better understand this essential part of the KS2 Maths Curriculum.

Roblox Times Tables Advanced

In this fun & interactive class, we will be focussing on smart ways of memorising the hardest Times Tables and using tutor-created Roblox Multiplication games to master this essential part of the KS2 Maths Curriculum. This course is for children already confident in basic multiplication.

Roblox Social Camp

In this learner-directed class, your child will meet other Roblox enthusiasts while developing their teamwork and listening skills, and connecting with other kids. We will vote on which games to play each lesson and build a community of friends together on Roblox.

Roblox Safety Camp

In this class, we’ll talk about ways we can stay safe and protect ourselves while enjoying Roblox games such as Adopt Me, Jailbreak, and more! There will be ample time for questions from both you and your child, as well as playing together on Roblox and putting into practice what has been taught.

Here are some in-game screenshots – as you can see, we incorporate Math of varying difficulty to cater to all levels of learning throughout the game, and combine that with lots of fun unlockables (like those wings) when they answer enough questions!

Play Roblox, Learn, Have a Blast!

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Our Mission

BrainySpinach’s mission is to help the children of our world catch up in their learning today, so that they succeed tomorrow.

Taking part in our courses will change the very way your child perceives Math. We will ensure they see Math not as something to dread, but as something to look forward to – in the same way they look forward to spending the entire weekend on Roblox!

With the fun guaranteed, kids can focus on the Math, develop new skills, and develop friendships with children their age along the way.

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