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Maths Anxiety | Energetic

Welcome to the Energetic Maths Anxiety Class on Roblox! In this class, my students and I will jump into an action-packed learning adventure to solve all possible Maths puzzles. This is a fun space for children who are full of energy and don’t hesitate to share it with the world.

Unlike the Calm Maths Anxiety Class, here my students will learn at a faster pace and enjoy lively activities to avoid boredom and understimulation at all costs. This class is perfect for active children who love learning in a vibrant and social setting.

Read my in-depth Maths Anxiety Class Guide to discover more about the Energetic Maths Anxiety Class.

#1 Your child will need a Roblox account to attend the class. Please set up a Roblox account for your child in advance. To do this, please follow Roblox account set-up guide. It is also recommended to read the safety guide on Roblox.

#2 Your child will need to know how to count to 10.

#3 Basic knowledge of the four operations will be useful but is not essential in this class.


No further preparation is required.

If you have a struggling mathematician at home aged 5 to 12, then you are in the right place! If they enjoy Roblox or online games, and spend all their leisure time playing it anyway, then that’s even better – we already have a common ground.

Please keep in mind that this class is for active children who have a tonne of energetic passion when it comes to learning. If your Robloxian thrives in quieter surroundings – check out The Maths Anxiety | Calm Class.

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