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Hey, I’m Jon aka BrainySpinach, a Maths Teacher on a Mission!

Maths & SEND education became my specialisation in 2019, since then I’ve been investing all my time and energy into helping hundreds of students reach their full potential.

I became passionate about tackling Maths Anxiety, and so created BrainySpinach Maths – teaching kids aged 6+ Maths through fun and innovative Roblox games so that they no longer fear Maths and are prepared for STEM vocations.

I will help your child learn to love Maths and see it as something to look forward to. My approach is to provide a safe environment and emotional support for them to learn to believe in themselves and to be curious about things they might’ve been told they weren’t exactly good at.

In the “Roblox Classes” section you will find the agile schedule I created to meet every child’s needs on certain topics they could need help and support on. I adjust the lessons to the level of each and every student to ensure the best possible outcome. Enroll today and let’s have fun learning together!

Roblox Maths Classes with BrainySpinach

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Agile Schedule

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Individual approach towards every student

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Lifelong love for Maths

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Gamification: fun, interactive lesson

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Roblox Adventures!

Roblox Afterschool Club

Every Wednesday

Homeschool AM/PM

Every Wednesday

Roblox Adventures

Every Wednesday & Saturday


Anna W

Jon is evidently very experienced and up to date with the latest teaching methods. I am very pleased with how comfortable he has made my daughter from the beginning, and I believe that with Jon’s support I will see her improve quickly with her maths. I have booked more lessons for the future. Would highly recommend.

Alis C

We sought out a tutor for two reasons, to help our 8 year old son Billy catch up with maths and also to build his confidence. He’s fallen behind and over the last few months we’d noticed a drop in his confidence and willingness to do any maths. Jonathan has spent time building a real rapport with Billy so that now he really looks forward to the lessons and is super engaged. Billy has gone from ‘I hate maths’ to, ‘whens my next session with Jonathan’ in just a few weeks. He has also come on well with his learning and is keen to do more outside of the tutor sessions. We’re thrilled with how it’s going.

Hasan J

I’m speaking as a student of Jonathan’s He Is amazing and he’s so calm I always hated maths but he’s made it fun and exciting I can’t believe I’m saying this but I love maths now because of him. He is the best

Labake A

Your teaching is understandable,it really help my daughter to improve and have interest to practice her mathematics constantly unlike before that she found it so difficult in it.,thank you Jonathan.

Kirsty B

Jon has been working with my 9 year old son for several weeks and as you know keeping a child engaged online for an hour can be difficult but Jon makes the lessons fun and engaging with just enough stretch to challenge him without him losing interest. I have seen a real improvement in his English and Math’s skills and I am very much reassured that he is not slipping behind due to lockdown. I would highly recommend Jon to help your child. The Tutorful platform is also easy to navigate and the use of the interactive whiteboard is excellent.

Jonathan F

Great tutor can connect with my seven year old really well. Patient with him !

Lucia D

My son always looking forward towards Jonathan lessons. My boy has autism and complex needs with his learning which Jonathan equipped and meet his needs. Jonathan make the lesson more fun and educational for my son I highly recommend him to other parents.

Arif I

My son was struggling at school with understanding some of the basics of Maths/English. From the first lesson, Jon was able to explain concepts that my son was struggling with in a way that he comprehended and and was able to apply straight away – it was like he switched a light on in his head. From struggling in class and being under confident, he is now rapidly rising to the top thanks to Jon’s excellent tutoring. Jon’s lessons are well prepared and detailed, and the best part is that my son loves working with him. We found an absolute diamond when we found Jon – what a brilliant tutor. I have x2 younger sons who have hust tuurned 5 and 3 and i will be booking Jon in the future for my other boys.

Simeone W

Johnathan is a fantastic teacher he understands how to engage and encourage my son to have a better understanding to improve his education in maths and English. I am happy with my son progression and have seen a real improvement in his ability, attitude, interest and skill. Thank you Jonathan.

Husan J

Im writing as a former student of Jonathon’s and ive just wanted to say how big of an impact he had on my improvement. before i met him i was in the lowest set for maths and to be honest i had no hope or belief that i could improve, well that is until i met Jonathon, he makes the lessons so fun and explains it in a way that makes it so easy. Not only has he been the best tutor ive ever had hes also been a great friend of mine, the way he understands everything and how nice he truly is, is the only thing you would want in a tutor. the only reason im a former student its because im doing GCSES soon and thats not really in his expertise so i just wanted to write this and say if your reading this and considering making him your tutor i promise you, you will not regret it. Sir if your seeing this i thank you for how much ive improved and you may say i done all the heavy lifting well i disagree. you expanded my knowledge to the point where im not the lowest set in maths anymore im actually one of the highest. The only way i can pay you back is when you see me on the telly thanking you because without you i wouldnt have made it. So all i can say is Thank You Sir You Truly Are A Gift To All Us Students.

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