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Maths Anxiety | Calm

Welcome to the Calm Maths Anxiety Class on Roblox! This is a quiet place for children who learn best in a calm environment. In this class my students and I explore all kinds of Maths puzzles at the speed best suitable to them.

Unlike the Energetic Maths Anxiety Class, here my students will learn in peace and quiet so they can focus deeply without the hustle and bustle. It’s like taking a peaceful walk in a Roblox world designed just for thinking and solving Maths.

Read my in-depth Maths Anxiety Class Guide to discover more about the Calm Maths Anxiety Class.

#1 Your child will need a Roblox account to attend the class. Please set up a Roblox account for your child in advance. To do this, please follow Roblox account set-up guide. It is also recommended to read the safety guide on Roblox.

#2 Your child will need to know how to count to 10.

#3 Basic knowledge of the four operations will be useful but is not essential in this class.


No further preparation is required.

If you have a struggling mathematician at home aged 5 to 12, then you are in the right place! If they enjoy Roblox or online games, and spend all their leisure time playing it anyway, then that’s even better – we already have a common ground.

Please keep in mind that this class is for children who learn best in a quieter environment. If your Robloxian thrives in a more energetic surrounding – check out The Maths Anxiety | Energetic Class.

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