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I foster a safe environment & emotional support for neurodivergent kids to learn Maths & believe in themselves.

BrainySpinach uses interactive and engaging teaching methods including his own Roblox Maths games to help students Master Maths, no matter how scared they are of it.

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I want your child to have every opportunity to reach their personal goals and find happiness, by providing an education that truly fits their needs.

Empowering Struggling Children

I understand the challenges faced by parents of children who struggle in traditional school settings—whether that be because they’re Neurodivergent, shy, or simply learn differently.

Our approach is designed to help every child find their voice and their confidence, turning learning into an exciting adventure.

How Zakaria mastered Maths

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The timeline of little Jonathan becoming Brainy Spinach

Eternal calling as a teacher


Young Jonathan was told by everyone around him that he would make an amazing teacher, that he was compassionate, kind, patient, and understanding with children and adults alike, and that those are the qualities of an amazing teacher.

Babysitting autistic children


This included his ‘babysitting’ (maybe don’t use that word, but that was what their Mum called it) of an autistic boy and his two younger brothers throughout much of the teenage life that lived across the road from him – for a good long while, young Jonathan knew all the words to every Spongebob episode ever created from those sittings, and learned a lot of passive skills on how to take care of and encourage a young autistic child, although for a good long while he thought a lot of what he knew would apply to all autistic children.

Meet the Team that

teaches, enables and encourages your child to believe in themselves.

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Jon aka BrainySpinach

A Teaching Assistant with a lifelong love for education, Jon finds nothing more rewarding than creating a fun teaching environment in which his students can excel at learning – and enjoy it too!

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Anna aka BA3YBAT

A lover of riding as pillion passenger on motorcycles, with over 10 years experience in providing outstanding customer service to clients. Anna has a foundation degree in mortuary science.

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