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Rainbow Friends

Roblox Classes. Rainbow Friends on Roblox

Rainbow Friends is a unique cooperative game suitable for children of all ages and abilities. My students and I have to train our ninja-like reflexes and strategic skills to outsmart suspiciously friendly-looking monsters while collecting requested items. Strong communication and teamwork are crucial elements to our success while having an absolute blast in this game!

Roblox Let’s Play Class is about learning essential skills through play. It’s also about fun, engagement, socialisation with like-minded people, building friendships and cognitive skills.

At BrainySpinach Maths we understand how crucial play and fun are for learning and that’s why this class was created. We strive to provide a safe online environment and turn learning into a whimsical adventure, a fantasy journey or even a fairytale.

#1 Your child will need a Roblox account to participate in the Roblox Let’s Play Class. Please set up a Roblox account for your child in advance. To do this, follow the Roblox account set-up guide. It is also recommended to read the safety guide on Roblox.

I highly recommend you read the set-up guide, so you can add my profile and join the group on Roblox. This will let me send all the Robux your child earns, and know which devices are best to use!

Home educated children as well as school pupils aged 5 to 12 who love Roblox and video games. If you have an eager Robloxian at home who is ready to embark on a unique journey of fun learning then this is the right place for you!

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