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Maths Anxiety Class

Classes designed to alleviate Maths related phobia and decrease stress response when children have to crunch numbers.

Suitable for children with all levels of anxiety.

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Inclusive approach

ADHD, ASD, PDA & Dyscalculia Friendly

Our classes are designed by a certified educator with years of SEND experience in supporting diverse learning styles. We use gentle, engaging methods to help children focus and thrive on their educational journey.

Even kids with the shortest attention span are engaged in learning!
Special feature

Watch their Maths flourish

We measure your child's academic progress, personal goals, and anxiety levels, using feedback from questionnaires filled out by you.

Every four months, we share a Growth Report to show how the class is helping your child.
MA Growth Measurement
Backed up by research

Roblox makes Maths fun

Studies show playing Maths games lowers Maths Anxiety and boosts academic performance. It makes learning fun with rewards and tips, and also creates a supportive environment without judgment or criticism.

This helps make Maths enjoyable and less stressful.
Roblox Maths

No Boredom.
No Overstimulation.

Some children learn best in a quieter environment, others approach learning with a tonne of energetic passion.

To make this class as safe and comfortable for my students as possible I’ve designed it with kids’ temperament in mind. For that same reason the classes only offer 5 slots.
Maths Anxiety Class for children who learn best in a quieter environment.
Maths Anxiety Class for children with a tonne of energetic passion when it comes to learning.

Maths Anxiety vs BrainySpinach

6 key elements in battling Maths Anxiety I have found the most helpful over the years of tutoring. Including these techniques in my day-to-day lessons is the backbone of my teaching.

Safety first

Creating a safe environment is my number one priority. Every class takes place on a private server provided exclusively by me.

Student - centric learning

I adjust every lesson to meet the needs of my students, instead of fixating on chasing a certain curriculum or a study plan.


Research shows that playing Maths games lowers Maths Anxiety and positively impacts academic performance in general.

Roblox is my teaching ground

In the Maths Anxiety Class, my students and I play my own Maths games on Roblox, as well as others which I have carefully selected over the years during my tutoring and game-developing experience.

Empathy and patience

The key elements to battle Maths Anxiety are to help children feel seen, heard and understood. I put a huge emphasis on emotional support in my classes starting with myself and ending with my students supporting each other.

Reframe. Rethink. Relearn.

Techniques like positive affirmations, the celebration of small wins, praise and rewards go a long way to shift a child's perspective when they feel stuck or uncertain.

👋 Hey, I'm Jon!

I am also known as BrainySpinach amongst my students!

I’m a certified educator and an online Maths tutor with years of SEND experience. My passion is empowering neurodivergent children and alleviating their Maths Anxiety.

I teach kids aged 5 to 12 Maths through fun and innovative Roblox games so that my students no longer fear mathematical concepts.

I focus primarily on building a positive relationship with Maths as a subject and also as an inseparable part of life.

That’s how the Maths Anxiety Class came to life. I’m extremely excited to have your young mathematicians in my classes! See you there!

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BrainySpinach Math is
Rated Excellent.

Based on seventeen 5-star reviews


Ola Peaches

stars 5

Jonathan is a trophy tutor!

We have been with jonathan for a long time now. He is good with my children, calm, collective, he relate with my son well. His teaching is good, he has this game ideas to help children get on board with math, now the idea birthed a company. From my view Jonathan love teaching and his helpful with all that comes with children’s education. No doubt any child will get on board. He definitely knows what he’s doing. I’m thankful the our time with him and we are coming back soon.

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stars 5

Jon helps build confidence and skills

My daughter became home educated after lacking support in school. She was left with a hate towards Maths especially, something she felt she could never get her head around. In particular, she really wanted to be confident in ‘life maths’, the everyday use of your brain involving maths. Jon has tailored our one to one sessions to suit us. Building confidence slowly and making my daughter realise that she has a lot of the knowledge there already, and is able to believe in her skills to use it. Jon is so calm, and so adaptable. I have noticed if my daughter is showing less interest or not engaging as much, Jon can quickly regain that interest by moving onto something else that will refocus her. This in itself is a genius craft, and shows he has a real passion and skill for working with children with additional needs. If your child also has a love of gaming, the ways in which this can be used to learn is beyond how I could’ve foreseen it. Thank You Jon, we appreciate you.

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Ken Attwood

stars 5

Making learning fun!

My son has autism and ADHD and has a real phobia of mixing with other children. He has however become very interested in use of online gaming such as Roblox. This has given him an avenue to build social interactions. He does have a tendency to becoming over emotional when things are not working. This is where we sought the assist of Jon. I am happy to say that Jon’s ability to guide Logan and mentor him through some gaming challenges calmly and with compassion has been a rare talent.
I would highly recommend Brainy Spinach for learning through online play and for interaction for children with such conditions as my son.

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Isabella Adams

stars 5

It was a struggle to find a good tutor…

It was a struggle to find a good tutor with whom my son would click. He has complex needs which not every tutor can meet. Jon was the perfect choice. He’s calm, collected, makes his lessons fun and is equipped to work with children with autism. My boy wants to constantly practice mathematics now unlike before. I would highly recommend Jon’s lessons to help your children.

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Kate Berry

stars 5

Highly recommend Brainy Spinach​

Highly recommend Brainy Spinach.
My 11-year-old granddaughter wasn’t particularly inspired by maths. After taking up lessons with Brainy Spinach she has developed new enthusiasm for numerical problems and her results in school exams have improved immensely. Together with this renewed enthusiasm her confidence has really increased. I believe the successful approach to teaching and interactive learning by Jon @Brainy Spinach is unique and he is one of those special teachers that can pass on his own great enthusiasm for maths to his pupils. Thank you.
Mr.D. Berry

BrainySpinach Math is
Rated Excellent.

Based on seventeen 5-star reviews


BrainySpinach Math is Rated Excellent.

Based on seventeen 5-star reviews


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a struggling mathematician at home aged 5 to 12, then you are at the right place! If they enjoy Roblox and spend all their leisure time in there anyway then that’s even better – we already have a common ground. So let’s transform their learning into an unforgettable adventure.

Maths Anxiety Class targets anxiety of all levels. I guide my students through the hardship of this condition to elevate anxiety, ease their fear and tension, build confidence, create positive self-perception and thrive in learning complex subjects, not just Maths.

One of the reasons why I tutor on Roblox is gaming helps refocus children from their fears and keeps them engaged for longer. Researchers found that playing Maths games had a more significant impact on children’s academic performance than classic teaching. 

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