Education Technology – Gaming and learning skills blended in online series, BrainySpinach Math

BrainySpinach Math, newly launched on the Roblox platform, is suitable for learners from beginners to advanced.

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A new online series blending gaming and learning skills, BrainySpinach Math, has launched on the Roblox platform.

The games are suitable for maths learners from beginners to advanced, with users able to dip in and out of playing or enlist on a five-week camp.

“I’ve often heard parents bemoan a lack of great math resources or games, but also the frustration with too much unproductive screen time on the likes of Roblox,” said BrainySpinach Math creator, the tutor and game developer, Jon Goga.

“So, I thought ‘Why not solve both issues at once?’ and created the Roblox math camp. A course, whether basic or advanced, has your child learning their math while playing tutor-created Roblox math games, with live tutor support.”

There is also a Roblox Safety Camp, where children can learn about ways to protect themselves while playing the corporation’s games online.

Each game is designed to fit with national curriculum goals and has inbuilt safety protocols, as well as ‘real human’ back-up.

This article was originally featured on the May 26th, 2022 by ET, which can be viewed here.


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