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basic algebra

10 Students

60 minutes

aged 9+

£15 per lesson

In this fun & interactive class, we will be focussing on Algebra, one of the most misunderstood and feared topics in Maths – until now! I will start from the basics and help your child grasp everything to do with Algebra, as well as discover real-world applications and win Robux through personal challenges I set for them on the Roblox platform!

Your child will master

Find a rule – one step

Find a rule – two step

Forming expression



Forming equation

Solve simple one-step equations

Solve two-step equations

Find pairs of value (1)

Find pairs of value (2)


To book a class of your choice follow this instruction.

Preferably your child will be in Y5 (aged 9 or more), and they should be familiar and able to calculate sums using all four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, though mastery is not necessary.

Downloadable instruction with screenshots can be found here.

Ensure you follow the instructions to set up a working space as well as needed accounts for your child (Roblox/ LessonSpace).

Pick any convenient for you and your child’s day/class in the schedule and proceed with the booking.

I specialise in working with students who learn differently, regardless of any labels. Just let me know beforehand so that I can make any possible changes to the course and how I teach it to accommodate your child.

I collect all payment through Stripe after a lesson takes place. No advanced payments will be collected.

Not sure what class to pick for your child?

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if outside the UK, you will need WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal.