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times tables

10 Students

60 minutes

aged 6+

£15 per lesson

In this fun and interactive Maths class, we will learn the tricks to quickly solving and memorising the Times Tables, by using tutor-created Roblox Multiplication Games to practice what they’ve been taught and help them better understand this essential part of the KS2 Maths Curriculum.

Your child will master

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s

Count in 3s

Count money – pence

Count money – pounds

Count in 50s

Recognise equal groups

Make equal groups

Add equal groups

The multiplication symbol

Multiplication from pictures

Multiplication – equal groups

The 2 times-tables

The 5 times-tables

The 10 times-tables


Multiply and divide by 3

Multiply and divide by 4

Multiply and divide by 8

The 3 times tables

The 4 times table

The 8 times tables





Multiply and divide by 6

Multiply and divide by 7

Multiply and divide by 10

Multiply and divide by 100

6 Times Tables and Division facts

7 Times Tables and Division facts

11 and 12 Times Tables





Multiply 3 numbers

Factor pairs


Common factors

Prime numbers

Square numbers



To book a class of your choice follow this instruction.

Your child will need to have at least a basic understanding of the following: what addition is, and how to add one-digit whole numbers together. While I will endeavour to help students who are unsure of these topics, the main learning objective of this class is to practice and eventually master the Times Tables, which is nigh impossible to achieve if they don’t have at least some background knowledge.

Downloadable instruction with screenshots can be found here.

Ensure you follow the instructions to set up a working space as well as needed accounts for your child (Roblox/ LessonSpace).

Pick any convenient for you and your child’s day/class in the schedule and proceed with the booking.

I specialise in working with students who learn differently, regardless of any labels. Just let me know beforehand so that I can make any possible changes to the course and how I teach it to accommodate your child.

I collect all payment through Stripe after a lesson takes place. No advanced payments will be collected.

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