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Free Interactive Workshop

60 minutes,
Play Roblox,
Master Maths

Join us on 6th June 2023 10 AM with your child for excited screams and fun-chaos filled Roblox events where BrainySpinach combines playtime with learning Maths.

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Mom playing Roblox with her child

Solve Maths equations whilst exploring new lands and winning virtual wings.

Tame the high energy and let your child practice self-expression.

Ask BrainySpinach any questions about homeschooling.

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Unique Minds, Unique Learning Styles.

Understand what different children require from education

BrainySpinach is cracking the code on how to help neurodivergent kids learn what exact skills they need and how to become independent when it comes to learning anything.

See how BrainySpinach makes your kid a Maths Rockstar.

BrainySpinach is obsessed with making maths feel like second nature for your child and he uses various techniques alongside never-ending support to gamify every bit of the learning. Watch him do his magic.

Turn playtime into Maths learning.

Solve Maths problems together.

This helps the kids forget about their fear of Maths and tackle it better, and helps your child provide a safe environment.

Engage with gaming puzzles.

Your child will become engrossed in the games BrainySpinach chooses, and are challenging yet rewarding. Just the right pinch of engagement.

Success Story: How Zakaria Mastered Maths

Read how I used Roblox to help transform one of my students from a shy, introverted child who wouldn’t speak, to an excited, confident boy with a love for Maths! ... Click on the title to read more

BrainySpinach Math

Teach them Teamwork and make friends

Team up to play the games.

Team games help kids learn how to ask & offer help to their peers. This is essential in learning social skills and making new, maybe lifelong friends.

Join a healthy competition to make it fun.

Competition makes things engaging for everybody, not just kids. They also learn to cope well with failures and enjoy the wins.

The goal is to provide a safe environment and emotional support for kids to learn to believe in themselves and to be curious about things they might’ve been told they weren’t exactly good at.


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BrainySpinach helps your child look forward to enjoying Maths.

BrainySpinach hated Maths Anxiety and vowed to eradicate it. 

So what’s his plan of action?

He is now teaching kids aged 6+ Maths through fun and innovative Roblox games so that they no longer fear Maths and are prepared for STEM vocations.

Maths & SEND education became BrainySpinach’s specialisation in 2019, since then he has been investing all his time and energy into helping 100s of students reach beyond their horror of Maths.

If you want this for your child, reserve your free seat and let’s defeat Maths anxiety.

BrainySpinach Math is
Rated Excellent.

Based on seventeen 5-star reviews

4.5 star rated in Trustpilot
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Ola Peaches

stars 5

Jonathan is a trophy tutor!

We have been with jonathan for a long time now. He is good with my children, calm, collective, he relate with my son well. His teaching is good, he has this game ideas to help children get on board with math, now the idea birthed a company. From my view Jonathan love teaching and his helpful with all that comes with children’s education. No doubt any child will get on board. He definitely knows what he’s doing. I’m thankful the our time with him and we are coming back soon.

Workshop Timeline Breakdown

10 AM (10 Mins)

BrainySpinach brags about himself and his free-forever game he developed for kids for five minutes straight. The bit about the game is good though.

10:10 AM (30 Mins)

He challenges your team (you and your child) with harder and harder puzzles. Surprisingly the kids love it and solve them. Kids these days. Huh?

10:40 AM (20 Mins)

BrainySpinach flexes his knowledge by answering your questions about homeschooling your child. Kind of a know-it-all move if you ask us.

Only 8 Teams. Save your space now.

(You and your child are one team)

To give absolute attention and make it personal, we only have limited spaces.

(read: Big brains here trying this out workshop style for the first time so he doesn’t want to get swamped by huge crowds of Maths lovers. Maybe in the future.)

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All the slots are booked. Join The Waitlist.

To give absolute attention and make it personal, we only have limited spaces.

(read: Big brains here trying this out workshop style for the first time so he doesn’t want to get swamped by huge crowds of Maths lovers. Maybe in the future.)

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